List of Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup Companies

Why AI companies are beneficial: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM are top leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and related fields like machine learning (ML) and computer vision. Other up-and-coming tech companies are also developing their own AI technology and services. In 2020, artificial intelligence startups raised over $33 billion in funding. Here are some of the top AI companies and startups.


4Paradigm is a China-based artificial intelligence start-up company developing machine learning software.


Acronis is a cybersecurity and data protection company headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The company offers antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, endpoint protection management solutions, AI-based antimalware, and blockchain-based data authentication technologies through service provider and IT professional deployment models.


Capitolis is a company founded in 2017 by Gil Mandelzis, Thomas Glocer and Igor Teleshevsky.


Celonis is company designing an intelligent big data technology analyzing and visualizing company processes.


Cloudera is a business enterprise founded by Christophe Bisciglia, Jeff Hammerbacher and Amr Awadallah.

D2iQ (Mesosphere)

D2iQ is a San Francisco-based company founded by Florian Liebert.

DFINITY Foundation

Dfinity is a Switzerland-based non-profit developing a decentralized computing network utilizing blockchain technology and algorithmic governance.


DocuSign is an online cloud-based document management and secured electronic document signature system capable of being used on almost any device.


Domo designs and delivers an executive management platform as a service to help executives manage their business.


Feedzai is a San Mateo, California-based Information Technology & Services company.

Flash Parking

Flash Parking is a technology company developing solutions for parking founded by Juan Rodriguez.


Formlabs is a 3D printing system company that provides digital fabrications for industries


Gong is a conversation analytics and salesforce training platform company.


Icertis is a company founded in 2009.


Infor is an enterprise software and services company.


Ivalua is a a Redwood City, California-based provider of enterprise spend management tools.


Konfio is a Mexico City-based online financial services platform offering small and medium businesses find access to working capital credit and loans.

Lyra Health

Lyra helps companies improve access to effective, high-quality mental health care for their employees.

Machine Zone

Machine Zone is a technology company developing applications and games for social networks and mobile devices users. It participated in the W08 cohort of Y Combinator. is a work operating system where organizations of any size can create processes to manage every aspect of their work.


Monzo is a software development company developing mobile banking applications.


OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory that aims to create safe and beneficial AI systems for the world. Founded in 2015 by a group of leading technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors, OpenAI's mission is to develop and promote friendly AI that can benefit society as a whole. They conduct cutting-edge research in areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics, and develop tools and applications to make AI more accessible to everyone.

Oscar Health

An insurance technology company utilizing technology, design and data to humanize health care. and offer health insurance.


Panshi is an online and mobile advertising firm that offers online advertising services to small and medium enterprises.


A company offering a cloud platform for digital product creators and product development teams.


Plus is an autonomous driving technology company founded in 2016.


Postman is a San Francisco-based software company offering an API development environment.


Procore is a company developing and providing cloud-based construction management software.


A financial technology company providing payments solutions that allow businesses to accept, process and disburse payments.


A company developing fraud-prevention technology for the e-commerce industry.

Root Insurance

Root Insurance is an insurance technology company offering car insurance founded in 2015.


Samsara is a company developing and building sensor systems that utilizes wireless sensors with remote networking and cloud-based analytics, founded by John Bicket and Sanjit Biswas


Segment is a company providing a data infrastructure for businesses.


SendBird is a developer of a messaging API for mobile applications and websites.


SenseTime is a Chinese artificial intelligence startup company that develops facial recognition technology.


Also known as Linxlogic, ServiceTitan develops and provides service management software for home services businesses.


SingleStore is a San Francisco-based database software and analytics company offering a platform to help companies operationalize their data.


Souche is an automotive retail platform in China.


Staffbase is a software company.


Talkdesk is a software company that provides cloud-based call center software solution for enterprises.

The Access Group

The Access Group is a software developer and consultancy group that primarily serves small- and mid-sized businesses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Asia-Pacific.


TripActions is a travel management company focused on business travel needs.


Unbounce provides marketers who are conducting paid search, banner ads, email or social media marketing an easy way to create, publish and test promotion-specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers.

Uptake Technologies

Uptake is a SaaS company that works with industrial companies to analyze and predict equipment performance.


Vacasa is a Portland, Oregon-based company founded in 2009.


Wish (formerly ContextLogic) is a company providing an e-commerce platform that allows users to shop for discounted products and have them delivered to their homes. It was founded in 2011 and is located in San Francisco, California.


Bunq is a neobank based in Netherlands offering Personal accounts, Business accounts including a debit card, with all transactions being managed from an iPhone or Android application. Bunq currently accepts to open mobile bank accounts for residents of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


wefox is a digital insurance provider and platform that was founded in 2015.

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