List of top tech automotive companies & startups

The impact of tech automotive companies & startups

Automotive companies and startups play a critical role in shaping the future of transportation, with new technologies and business models disrupting traditional approaches to mobility.

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, with advances in electric and autonomous vehicles, and new models for vehicle ownership and sharing. As a result, automotive companies and startups are attracting significant attention from investors and businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Additionally, the automotive industry has significant implications for a range of other industries, including energy, manufacturing, and logistics, making it an essential area for businesses to watch closely.


ChargePoint is a Campbell, California-based electric vehicle charging network.


Ivalua is a a Redwood City, California-based provider of enterprise spend management tools.

Machine Zone

Machine Zone is a technology company developing applications and games for social networks and mobile devices users. It participated in the W08 cohort of Y Combinator.


Plus is an autonomous driving technology company founded in 2016.


Zscaler is a San Jose, California-based cloud-based information security company developing services to secure digital transformation for companies.

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