List of top education technology (edtech) companies

The impact of edtech companies

Edtech, or education technology, has become increasingly important in the global economy, driving innovation and digital transformation in the education sector. Edtech companies offer a range of solutions, from online courses and tutoring platforms to learning management systems and educational content.

Edtech companies often operate in markets with high barriers to entry, due to the need for specialized expertise and significant investment in research and development. This provides a competitive advantage to established players, allowing them to maintain strong market positions and defend against new entrants.


Afiniti is a company providing artificial intelligence solutions that enable the transformation of enterprise profitability.


FabFitFun is a company founded by Sam Teller, Michael Broukhim, Daniel Broukhim and Katie Kitchens.


Harness provides a delivery-as-a-service platform for engineering and DevOps.


Inspur is an information technology company.


Sourcegraph offers universal code search for developers and enterprises.

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