List of top internet of things (IoT) companies & startups

The impact of IoT companies & startups

IoT (Internet of Things) companies and startups are driving innovation in the growing field of connected devices and smart technologies.

These companies are developing new hardware, software, and platforms that enable a wide range of devices to connect and share data, from wearable health monitors to industrial sensors to smart home appliances.

IoT companies are driving research in areas such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, healthtech, and data privacy, which are critical to the success of connected devices and smart technologies.


Axonius is a cybersecurity Asset Management founded in 2017 by Dean Sysman, Ofri Shur and Avidor Bartov.


ChargePoint is a Campbell, California-based electric vehicle charging network.


FXiaoKe is a company providing mobile sales management software founded in 2011.


Infinidat is a company developing, manufacturing and providing data storage and protection devices.


Infor is an enterprise software and services company.


MediaMath is a company developing and delivering digital advertising media and data management technology solutions.


A company offering a cloud platform for digital product creators and product development teams.


Samsara is a company developing and building sensor systems that utilizes wireless sensors with remote networking and cloud-based analytics, founded by John Bicket and Sanjit Biswas


SimpliVity is a Westborough, Massachusetts-based software company offering artificial founded in 2009 by Doron Kempel.


Wish (formerly ContextLogic) is a company providing an e-commerce platform that allows users to shop for discounted products and have them delivered to their homes. It was founded in 2011 and is located in San Francisco, California.


Zscaler is a San Jose, California-based cloud-based information security company developing services to secure digital transformation for companies.

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