List of top technology Startup Companies in Japan

The value and power of Japanese technology companies and startups Japan is a global leader in technology and home to some of the world's largest companies, such as Sony, Panasonic, and Fujitsu. Japan is particularly known for its strength in areas such as robotics, electronics, and automotive. By looking at tech companies in Japan, businesses can access the country's wealth of expertise, resources, and tap into a culture that values precision, quality, and innovation.

Preferred Networks

Preferred Networks is a software development company integrating machine learning technologies to the applications of the Internet of Things (IoT).


Sisense is a software company offering a platform for data analysts and data engineers to transform data into actionable business insights.


Developer of a cloud HR software designed to help automate social insurance and employment insurance procedures.


Operator of a news platform intended to discover and deliver the latest trending news stories.

Symphony Communications

Symphony Communications is a Palo Alto, California-based company.


WalkMe is a software company developing and designing an engagement, insight, and automation platform for enterprises.

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