List of Top Project Management Companies & Startups

The value of project management companies Tech project management companies are highly valuable because they specialize in managing complex technology projects from start to finish. These companies use their expertise in project management methodologies, software, and systems integration to help businesses successfully deliver technology projects that meet their objectives on time and within budget. Tech project management companies offer a range of services, including project planning, resource allocation, risk management, quality assurance, and stakeholder management. Additionally, tech project management companies can help businesses to implement new technologies and systems that enable them to improve their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.


A company developing a cloud-based collaboration platform for professional teams to build software specific to their line of work or particular project. It was founded in 2013 and is located in San Francisco, California.

Babylon Health

Babylon Health is a global subscription telemedicine service provider.


BigPanda offers a platform that helps IT Ops, NOC, and DevOps teams detect, investigate, and resolve IT incidents faster and more easily.


Outreach is a sales engagement platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive analytics as it relates to sales.


Socure is a New York City-based developer of an identity verification and fraud risk solution.


Sprinklr is a company providing a customer experience management platform for enterprises.

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