The Growth Ramp Methodology: A proven process to help entrepreneurs on their journey from idea to scale.

Here's our methodology: From when you first reach out, to getting your first 1,000 customers.

1. Are you fit to be a Growth Ramp client?

To not waste your time or my time, we ask you to fill out our application form so we can get to know each other before the call (should take no more than 2-4 minutes).

If you are a fit, I will reach out to you. I will also provide homework which will help educate you about the Growth Ramp Methodology™.

What you get: A clear picture if you are a fit for Growth Ramp. If you have the budget but are not a fit, we would be more than happy to refer you to someone we think may be a fit.

2. The Discovery Call

On a short, 20-30 minute call, I’ll ask you about your business, budget, deadline, and the challenges you have. I have a list of questions to keep the conversation focused.

At the end of the call, you can ask me any question about the project. You will decide if you would like Growth Ramp to conduct our The Growth Ramp Gap Analysis Procedure™ to get a clear picture of your potential return-on-investment (ROI).

Clients love The Growth Ramp Gap Analysis Procedure™ because it is a smaller investment and a low risk opportunity to see the potential before getting bigger wins.

What you get: A vivid picture how Growth Ramp will turn your dreams into a reality.

3. The Growth Ramp Gap Analysis Procedure™

Have you ever read an article how “SEO is dead,” “Email marketing is dead,” or “PPC is dead?”

The truth is each of these marketing channels is alive, well, and profitable when you match the right strategy to the right company. Even “dated” channels like radio ads still work with the right strategy.

You don’t want shoot-from-the-hip guesswork. Instead, you need to:

  1. Find out (not guess) which parts of your business are under-performing and why.
  2. Get an in-depth analysis about your greatest opportunities and threats to grow your business.
  3. Experience your business as a customer with a “fresh pair of eyes.”

Through our proprietary questionnaire, The Growth Ramp Gap Analysis Procedure™ will give you a roadmap to help you understand the rules of the game, how to win, and how to rise above the noise to beat the competition.

This is a $8,000 investment, with no commitment required to continue working together. But if you choose to continue together, you will have a $8,000 credit for our next project.

What you get: A more accurate understanding of your business. You will be able to make a better decision how profitable it is working together with a clear potential return-on-investment.

Click here to learn more about The Growth Ramp Gap Analysis™

4. Laying the Foundation

Every framework needs a foundation, whether it’s a mansion, a legal case, or a business.

Before Growth Ramp gets you massive results, we will find the fastest path to getting you there.

Depending on what we discover during The Growth Ramp Gap Analysis™, you will get:

  1. Customer Discovery + Buyer Persona Research: Interview notes and summary on who your best customers are, what they want you to do to grow your business.
  2. Copywriting + Buyer Psychology Research: A list of key psychology buying triggers and your first sales page to get customers at scale.
  3. Competitor Intelligence: A list of your competitors, what they are doing well, and what you need to do to rise above the noise.
  4. Brand + Positioning Strategy: A list of opportunities to differentiate yourself from the competition, and we work together to decide how best to position your startup. Includes a positioning strategy call to discuss the pros and cons of each opportunity.
  5. Pricing Strategy: A price sensitivity analysis and pricing guidelines to help you establish your pricing strategy. Includes a pricing strategy call to discuss how best to price your product.
  6. Business/Customer Validation: Beta customers who will pay to use your product.
  7. Product Validation: A list of core benefits, prioritized by each customer to guide your product roadmap.
  8. Customer Experience Research: A list of objections customers have when buying and using your product.
  9. Product-Market Fit Analysis: A customer feedback loop to improve your product road map and increase word-of-mouth.
  10. Marketing/Growth Strategy: A customized marketing and lead generation strategy, personalized to your business to get you your first 1,000 customers. Growth Ramp will do some of this work. But if GR doesn’t, I’ll connect you to professionals who can.

This is a minimum of a five-figure investment. Projects start at $8,000/month for six months.

5. Creating Your First Scalable Growth Channel

It’s exciting to get results!

But we also need to establish your first scalable growth channel.

Whether that’s through partnerships, SEO, paid advertising, or some other growth channel, you need a sustainable path to getting consistent sales.

As you get more consistent customers, Growth Ramp will help convert them into raving fans.

What you get: Traffic, leads, sales, and the adoration of admirers as you get 1,000 true fans.

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