What is the Bandwagon Effect How Does the Bandwagon Effect Apply to Marketing

What is the Bandwagon Effect? How Does the Bandwagon Effect Apply to Marketing?

Also Known As: Bandwagoning, the effect of fads and trends


People are more likely to accept ideas and trends when they are made aware that more people use that product or service.

Bandwagon Effect Examples:

Improving Amazon and eBay Listings: Many marketplace sites like Amazon and eBay use the bandwagon effect as a signal how popular an item is. To reward items that are hot sellers, eBay and Amazon increase the listing’s ranking when someone searches for that item.

Social Proof: In large groups, people tend to conform to the choices of the group. Business owners can use this to their advantage by showing numbers, testimonials, and endorsements for a product.

Typically, social proof comes from five categories:
1. Credible industry experts.
2. Endorsements from celebrities.
3. Past customers.
4. Approval from a large group.
5. Friends and peers you know.

By using the ratings, reviews, and testimonials from these people, you can begin to see an increase in conversions and sales.

Adding Fuel to a Fire: Which of these two products is more likely to give you a higher return for your marketing dollar? Option 1: A tried-and-true product with solid sales. Option 2: A new product, which some believe will become the next big fad. A smart business owner knows it’s best to test both products. However, when considering the Bandwagon Effect, option 1 is more likely to give you a higher return for your dollar, because people like proven winners.

In the 2010 basketball season, the Miami Heat averaged 17,730 fans at each home game. The following season, Miami picked up LeBron James. James led Miami to four NBA finals and won two of them. In those four seasons, Miami’s attendance averaged 19,869 fans in each home game. At an average ticket price of $155, Miami made $331,545 in extra ticket sales, all by investing in a winner.

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