Keyword research is THE most important part of an effective SEO strategy

Get keyword research services to get 1,000 new customers in a year

Keyword research can make or break your entire SEO campaign.

This is because SEO keyword research impacts every other SEO task that you perform, including creating content, on-page SEO, and getting backlinks.

Targeting the right keywords determines how fast you’ll get traffic, leads, and sales.

Here’s the problem:

If you talk to most marketing agencies, they only focus on vanity metrics like search volume. Sure, with enough traffic, potential customers will eventually buy your product. But it will take a lot longer.

Here’s how most agencies rank content (and why it’s a slower growth ramp):

  1. Create a list of keywords. How do these agencies come up with this list? Usually, they will use Google Keyword Planner, an SEO tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush, or see what keywords your competition ranks for. In other words, they’re competing for the same keywords as everyone else.
  2. Identify search volume. The estimated search volume will range greatly from one source to another. I’ve seen one specific keyword give an estimate of 6,500, 12,000, and 49,500 visitors per month. And that doesn’t even count long-tail keywords.
  3. Find low-competition search terms. The SEO team then looks for keywords that aren’t super competitive. This allows them to rank your content in Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Sure, getting traffic faster is nice. We do that too. But what you really want is more customers.

A volume-based keyword strategy for content marketing is backward. It’s much better to focus on relevant keywords.

Here’s the thing:

Rarely do high volume keywords also produce high volume conversion rates. 

That’s because these top of funnel keywords have a low purchase intent. This is often why content and SEO agencies will tell you it takes 6-12 months to start getting “results.” 

Yes, a successful SEO campaign takes time to reach its max potential. The primary problem is that most marketing agencies do not focus on keywords most likely to convert.

To get you customers faster, Growth Ramp’s content go-to-market strategy works like this:

  1. Market research. We talk to your customers to find growth opportunities you can’t find using a keyword research tool.
  2. Brand positioning. Once we learn why your customers love your product, we’ll work with you to differentiate you from the competition.
  3. Keyword analysis. To share your brand position at scale, we target bottom-of-the-funnel keywords. Since we also estimate your market size by doing market research, we can prioritize what content is most likely to bring you more customers today. With our proprietary system, we can get organic traffic in a week on a new website.

PSST! Do you have someone doing PPC? Our keyword research will help your ads team also get new customers sooner.

Growth Ramp’s Keyword Research Process to Get 1,000 Customers in a Year

Market research is the most ignored area of growth within startups. Yet it’s fundamental if you want to dominate an existing market.

Do you want to find market opportunities and create competitive advantages that your competitors are overlooking? Then you need proper market research. Learn about our market research services >

A powerful brand strategy will help you strip away everything you should not do. It will then give you the vision to deliberately be different.

Growth Ramp’s product marketer will help you know where your time, energy, and money should go to drive growth faster. Learn more about our brand strategy services >

There are 100 ways to grow a startup. But without a clear go-to-market strategy, you will soon find yourself in marketing tactical hell.

If you want consistent growth, you need to partner with an agency that knows the right go-to-market strategy better than you. Learn more about our go-to-market strategy services >

Several marketing agencies can do content marketing and SEO. But just like not all programmers code the same, so too not all marketers write the same.

Unlike other agencies, Growth Ramp’s  content strategy is built to get you more traffic, leads, and sales faster than our competition. Learn more about our content strategy services >

It’s hard to find a content writer who gets marketing. Much less one who understands your product.

Growth Ramp will create content that not only ranks, but fits into your product strategy and business goals. Learn more about our content writing services >

They say it takes 6-12 months for content marketing and SEO to "start working." Here’s the problem. When you ask most content and digital marketing agencies what results you can expect after 6-12 months, they dance around the question.

At Growth Ramp, we optimize our content marketing to bring you more potential customers from search engine optimization. Learn more about our content marketing services >

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Growth Ramp’s Keyword Research Process to Get 1,000 Customers in a Year

  • Content strategy to get 1,000 extra customers in a year.
  • Data-driven SEO strategy.
  • Keyword strategy tied to business goals.
  • Keyword research optimized for getting potential customers faster.
  • In-depth target audience research.
  • Fast ranking search terms.
  • Bottom-of-the-funnel keyword research.
  • Competitive analysis and intelligence.
  • SEO A/B tests.
  • SEO metrics and benchmarks.
  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  • SEO copywriting.
  • Long-tail keyword research.
  • Landing pages optimized for search engines.
  • Growth-focused content creation.
  • Content calendar, prioritized by time to get new customers.
  • Content management to handle high output content workflows.
  • Content optimization testing.
  • Backlink-magnet content.
  • ROI-focused growth.
Ben Leavitt CTO of Decibite

Ben Leavitt,
CEO of Decibite

“This was a huge weight off my shoulders...”

Before we started with Growth Ramp, we had no idea who our target customer was. Marketing has been a frustrating process for us at Decibite.

Growth Ramp interviewed our customers, did market research, showed us where we were, and who we wanted to help. They then executed on the strategy to capitalize and appeal to that market. This was a huge game-changer. Growth Ramp did everything that we were wanting to do and more. This was a huge weight off my shoulders and helped me avoid burnout.

They got us back on track and their efforts have pushed us further in one month than a year on our own. Seriously, I wish there were six of you.

6 Month Results

  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR): +127%
  • Total Monthly Traffic: +241%
  • Monthly Search Traffic: +331%
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