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  1. Grammarly received a $13 billion valuation, outcompeting free tools from Google and Microsoft.
  2. Mailchimp, a bootstrapped company, sold for more than $12 billion.
  3. Twitter grew from $0 to $44 billion in 8 years, one of the fastest companies to mint ten billionaires.
  4. Canva scale to a $40 billion valuation, though they're based outside Silicon Valley.
  5. Figma, that shows how two 30-year-olds received a $20 billion acquisition offer.
  6. Epic Games became a $32 billion video game empire, after once selling a single rinky-dink puzzle game.
  7. Gusto get a $10 billion valuation in the "unsexy" industry of payroll.
  8. Square has a $55 billion market cap, even with an absentee co-founder.
  9. Linktree, the unsuspecting $1.3 billion "overnight success."
  10. Notion, which became a $10 billion enterprise after surviving a near-fatal financial collapse.

...and from many more hyper-growth companies.