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What Does Working With Growth Ramp Look Like?


To establish your growth strategy and validating your business model to get you more traffic, leads, and sales.

What We'll Do For You:

Depending on where you are in your growth journey, we will help you by giving you:

  1. The community of highest value customers for you to serve (Customer Discovery + Buyer Persona Research).
  2. The language to speak to your customers dreams and desires, fears and failures. This includes the psychological triggers that converts passive website traffic into customers (Copywriting + Buyer Psychology Research).
  3. What solutions your customers have attempted in the past that hasn’t worked and why (Competitor Intelligence).
  4. Help you break into the market, rise above the noise, and stand out from the competition (Brand + Positioning Strategy).
  5. Create a pricing strategy to create the right balance between market penetration and profit optimization (Pricing Strategy).
  6. Validating your business model by pre-selling your customers (Business/Customer Validation).
  7. Discover the core benefits to help you create a world class product (Product Validation).
  8. A system to improve the customer journey (Customer Experience Research).
  9. A process to validate that your product has product-market fit to increase word of mouth (Product-Market Fit Analysis).
  10. A testing procedure to find your optimal marketing channels (Go-To-Market Strategy or Marketing Strategy).

What You’ll Get:

  1. Interview notes and summary on who your best customers are, what they want you to do to grow your business (Customer Discovery + Buyer Persona Research).
  2. A list of key psychology buying triggers and your first sales page to get customers at scale (Copywriting + Buyer Psychology Research).
  3. A list of your competitors, what they are doing well, and what you need to do to rise above the noise (Competitor Intelligence).
  4. A list of opportunities to differentiate yourself from the competition. Includes a positioning strategy call to discuss the pros and cons of each opportunity (Brand + Positioning Strategy).
  5. A price sensitivity analysis and pricing guidelines to help you establish your pricing strategy. Includes a pricing strategy call to discuss how best to price your product (Pricing Strategy).
  6. Beta customers who will pay to use your product (Business/Customer Validation).
  7. A list of core benefits, prioritized by each customer to guide your product roadmap (Product Validation).
  8. A list of objections customers have when buying and using your product (Customer Experience Research)
  9. A customer feedback loop to improve your product road map and increase word-of-mouth (Product-Market Fit Analysis).
  10. A customized marketing and lead generation strategy, personalized to your business to get you your first 1,000 customers. That’s why you are a business, right? Includes either putting the strategy into action or training to do so. (Marketing/Growth Strategy).

What Growth Ramp Needs From You:

  1. A minimum 2-3 month commitment, depending on the service (Required).
  2. An email list of potential customers (Recommended).
  3. A list of potential customers. We will provide a process to get these lists (Required).
  4. A hypothesis on the problem you are trying to solve (Required).
  5. An email to reach out to customers (Required, preferably G-Suite).
  6. An advertising budget if you want to speed up the growth process (Optional).
  7. An agreed upon payment plan. We often work on a flat monthly retainer + commission. This makes it easier for early-stage startups to afford our premium services and aligns our goals together (Required).

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