Growth Ramp: A Copywriting Agency For Early-Stage Startups To Establish Their Growth Strategy (and Make More Money)

If there was a way to grow your startup without having to deal with the pain-splitting headache of marketing because it was all "done for you…"

Would you finally feel confident enough to hire a copywriting agency?

Let me ask you a different question...

What’s the difference between a marketing campaign which:

  1. Generates record-breaking profits,
  2. Lands your startup on the front page of Hacker News, TechCrunch, and Mashable, and
  3. Gives you the freedom to never think about marketing again…

… and one which causes you to glare at Google Analytics, wondering why your traffic bumps aren’t creating new customers?

Perhaps you think the difference is...

...spending hours launching your product.


...A/B testing logos, button copy, or your colors.

Guess again.

...securing angel investors and VC funding.

Unfortunately, that does not always solve your business problems either.

In fact, in a study conducted by the Harvard Business School, out of 2,000 VC-funded startups, roughly 75% failed.


Money won’t solve your growth problem.

Even worse, money can turn your growth problem into a festering flesh-wound.

And good luck convincing your investors it’s only a scratch.

As Every World-Class co-Founder, Venture Capitalist, or Product Manager Will Tell You… Your Startup Won’t Reap the Rewards of Record-Breaking Profits Until Your Copy Converts.

Can I be brutally honest with you for a moment?

Without copy that converts, the more you’re startup will look like every other competitor in your niche.

Without copy that converts, that LinkedIn lead-gen machine will do nothing but pad Reid Hoffman’s pocketbook.

Without copy that converts, the product you’ve been coding will be lucky to get more than 100 customers.

Do you feel like you’re piddling around?

If you are wondering why your leads aren’t coming in...

Why reporters aren’t emailing you back...

Or why your sales cycles are so long...

...It’s because you need to work with a copywriting agency that specializes in early-stage startups.

How Many Copywriting Agencies Will Do This For You to Get You Your First 1,000 Customers?


  1. Customer Discovery Interviews
  2. Customer Validation
  3. Business Validation
  4. Market Research
  5. Competitor Analysis
  6. Buyer Persona Research
  7. Customer Segmentation


  1. Customer Experience Research
  2. Price Sensitivity Analysis
  3. Product Pricing Strategy
  4. Product Pre-sales
  5. Product Positioning
  6. Product Development Strategy
  7. Product-Market Fit Analysis


  1. Go-to-Market Strategy
  2. SEO
  3. Copywriting
  4. Facebook Ads
  5. Google AdWords
  6. Influencer Marketing
  7. Marketing Strategy

Growth Ramp Will Beat Any Copywriting Agency in New York, London, or Los Angeles.

As a growing startup, you cannot turn a blind eye to your costs. You need to make sure the money you make covers the investment you pay a copywriting agency.

You can pay thousands of dollars a month for premium copywriting services.

At Growth Ramp, we work with you on a lower flat-rate + a commission on each sale we create.

That way we align our goals together. We make money when you make money.

(But if you prefer to pay upfront for our services, we’re happy to work with you too.)

Co-founders love the flat + commission model because:

  1. Growth Ramp aligns with your goal to be results-oriented. Our services align with your goals. No more paying for marketing services that clog your pipeline with dead leads.
  2. You can invest more in your marketing budget. You can take the amount you would have paid to hire our agency and invest the difference back into your startup.
  3. There is a less up-front risk to make more money. Cash flow is king. ‘Nuff said.

And aside from occasional check-ins, you won’t have to think about marketing ever again. This allows you to get back to doing the work you enjoy by creating a product your audience will love!

Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes. We only need a 3-month commitment to begin. After that, it's just month-to-month.

How much is the investment?

This depends on the scope of the work and the agreed commission.

Most projects in the first two months is usually between $2,000 to $4,000 a month for initial research.

What does your process like?

Depending on where you are in your growth journey, we will help you by doing:

  1. Customer Discovery + Buyer Persona Research: Discovering the highest value customers for you to serve.
  2. Copywriting + Buyer Psychology Research: Finding the language to speak to your customer’s dreams and desires, fears and failures. This includes the triggers to convert passive readers into loyal customers.
  3. Competitor Intelligence: Learning what solutions your customers have used in the past that hasn’t worked and why.
  4. Brand + Positioning Strategy: Helping you rise above the noise, break into the market, and stand out from the competition.
  5. Pricing Strategy: Creating a pricing strategy, with a balance between market penetration and profit maximization.
  6. Business/Customer Validation: Validating your business model by pre-selling your customers.
  7. Product Validation: Discovering the core benefits to help you create a world-class product.
  8. Customer Experience Research: Putting a system into place to improve the customer journey.
  9. Product-Market Fit Analysis: Validating your product has product-market fit to increase word of mouth.
  10. Marketing Strategy: Testing to find your optimal marketing channels.

Are you not sure what’s best next?

Even if you aren’t 100% ready to become a customer, set up a time to chat and we’d be happy to tell you what stage you should focus on next.

We’ve got you covered.

Is Growth Ramp Right for You?

If you can answer “yes” to 5 of these 9 statements, then Growth Ramp is for you...

  1. You have a product, and you want to market and grow sales right the first time.
  2. You launched your product on Product Hunt, Hacker News, Reddit, or pitched journalists, but are struggling to get customers.
  3. You have an online course or a local business and need help establishing your market strategy (yup, we serve more than just SaaS founders!).
  4. You’d love to make a bigger impact in the world.
  5. You’d rather get back to serving customers or building a better product and not have to worry about marketing ever again.
  6. You (and perhaps your investors) will feel relieved having your first 1,000 customers.
  7. You know you need to talk to customers, but are afraid to pick up the phone because you don’t know what to say.
  8. You feel at ease knowing you don’t need to pay for professional marketing services all upfront.
  9. You are at a loss on how to perfectly price your product.

Growth Ramp is NOT for you (but we’d be happy to refer you to a preferred marketer we trust) if…

  1. You are not open to us experimenting and improving your business model, product road map, or marketing strategy.
  2. You want us to optimize an established product. While our principles work for established products, we focus on serving the underdogs.
  3. You are not interested in us doing the work and creating the strategy. Again, we’d be happy to refer you to someone we trust.

The Best Copywriting Agency for Startups? You Decide…

Focused On Results

It’s simple. With our flat + commission model, we focus on getting you results.

Efficient and Effective

We focus on speed, simplicity, and self-confidence so we won't slow you down. Savvy?

100% Custom Strategies

No two businesses are alike. We combine your resources + our team to create a custom strategy to grow.

So, Here Is Your Choice...

If you would rather keep things as-is and build your startup on your own, more power to you.

Check out our articles to help you on your journey from idea to scale. We’ll be here if you change your mind about hiring a professional agency.

But if you have 4-7 minutes of confidence to help your product rise above the noise and get more traffic, leads, and sales, then click the button below.

Nobody is 100% confident 100% of the time. And you don’t need to be.

All you need is to be “confident enough” to click the button below and fill out our form.

We will be happy to reach out and help you on your journey, even if we’re not a fit.

And if it looks like we might be a match, someone on our team will reach out to connect with you.

We’ll find a time to chat and find out where you are now, and where you hope to be. If you choose for us to send a proposal, we’ll be happy to do so.

But all you need to do now is make a choice.

Will you continue as you have been, hoping that something will fall into place?

Or will you take a few minutes to click the button below, fill out our short form, and see if we are a match?

We’ll be waiting for you on the other side.