SaaS Copywriting Director (bonus for webinar or on-page SEO exp)

This is a flat + commission position, fully remote. It will start as a contract position and we'd love to grow with you to full-time.


Do you love to discover "the why" behind every word to move people from indifference to "heck yeah!"?

Do you enjoy combining the art & science of conversion copywriting?

Do you love talking to customers and prospects to learn about their buying psychology?

Then we would love you to consider joining our team.

Our CEO built a copywriting system that's helped our SaaS clients get sales meetings with Amazon, Old Navy, and Stanford. We’d love to train and work with you to run our system for our clients to expand their funnel faster.

Growth Ramp is a premiere product marketing agency for SaaS start-ups & scale-ups. We help our clients expand get more quality traffic, leads, and sales.

Our strategies have been featured in publications like US News, Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and Many SaaS sites have featured our advice too, like Salesforce, Unbounce, and

If you’re a go-getter who isn’t afraid to ask tough questions to plan, manage, and execute our copywriting system, this position is for you.


You will work with our Sales Director to help us:

  1. Create homepage and sales page copy to close customers willing to pay $4,000-$50,000 per month for our SaaS clients.
  2. Run customer surveys & interviews.
  3. Create sales & marketing materials to improve the sales pipeline & scale sales.
  4. Increase the sales velocity for our clients. Sales Velocity = (Leads X Avg. Deal Size X Conversion Rate) / Conversion Time.

While you’re not directly responsible for all sales stages, you will partner with the Sales Director to increase this number.

It’s recommended that you know how to:

  1. Close prospects on a phone call.
  2. Create & optimize webinar scripts.
  3. Create, optimize, and do webinars that convert.
  4. Create email sequences.
  5. Create SMS sequences.
  6. Create, optimize, and do product demos.
  7. Create positioning strategies.
  8. Improve customer experience with copy.
  9. Improve referrals with copy.
  10. Consult & advice SaaS clients about their growth strategy.

To do these tasks, you’ll likely have:

  1. 3 or more years in conversion-driven copywriting.
  2. A portfolio that shows your skills to get the yes (leads, trial starts, sales, and referrals).
  3. Knowledge of UX, CRO, and on-page SEO.
  4. Know how to analyze control copy and research opportunities to develop growth hypotheses.
  5. A results-oriented attitude.

Bonus points if you know how to:

  1. Apply the growth marketing & testing mindset to copywriting.
  2. Find & close webinar partners.
  3. Do bulk cold email outreach.
  4. Apply what you know to B2B SaaS & agencies.
  5. Do on-page SEO to scale your copywriting.
  6. Create & optimize pricing strategies.
  7. Do product demos.
  8. Host webinars.
  9. Use copywriting to scale sales.
  10. Hire copywriting contractors.

What you won’t do:

  1. You won’t create copy that sounds good, but doesn’t convert.
  2. You won’t create social media posts or blog articles.
  3. You won’t do a bunch of work outside your core strengths.


Though money is the lifeblood of a thriving business, we’re also a mission-driven company. We value employees who show these traits:

  1. Generous
  2. Remarkable
  3. Ownership
  4. Wisdom-investors
  5. Truth-seekers
  6. Heck Yeah!
  7. Resilient Risk Takers
  8. Ambitious
  9. Methodical
  10. Patient

Does this job sound intriguing to you?

If this job sounds up your alley, fill out our 9 questions to apply for this job below. We'll get back to you in two business days or less.


  1. What are some perks & benefits to this job? Rather than us forcing you to choose, we work with you to create your dream job with your ideal perks & benefits. Typically this includes both a flat + commission salary, alongside other rewards. Select candidates that prove themselves have the option to run their own agency squad which comes with additional perks & benefits.
  2. Are there set hours I need to work during the day? Yes and no to set hours. Our clients and their customers & prospects are willing to work during American time zones and you'll need to do phone calls with them. So we're mainly open to considering anything from GMT -8 (e.g. PST) to GMT-3 (e.g. ART) work.
  3. Is there a trial or test period? If so, about how long? Yes, there's a test period about 3 months starting part-time. We're open to a shorter time + more hours if we both agree it's a win-win to move faster.
  4. What's the hiring process after the application is filled out? You'll receive an email if we reject or accept your application in two business days. We'll send you a list of interview questions & info about our company culture to help you prepare. We'll do an interview and will give you feedback, even if we don't hire you. We'll then do a 2nd interview with our team to see if you're a culture fit, again receiving feedback regardless if you don't move forward. Finally, we'll extend an invite and work with you to craft your dream job & benefits.
  5. When would you like the new hire to start? Jan 17th to begin a contract is our ideal start date.