List of Top Internet Fraud Prevention Startup Companies

Looking at a list of internet fraud prevention companies is crucial for several reasons. As internet fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated and prevalent, these companies offer a range of solutions to mitigate risks, including monitoring, detection, and prevention services. By understanding different internet fraud prevention companies and their specialties, individuals and businesses can find the right partner to protect against fraud. These companies also drive innovation in the fraud prevention space by developing new technologies and approaches to stay ahead of evolving tactics. Working with internet fraud prevention companies can improve overall cybersecurity posture, protecting against a range of online threats. Tracking the performance of these companies can provide insights into the growth potential of the industry and identify investment opportunities. Overall, looking at a list of internet fraud prevention companies can help stakeholders stay informed about the latest trends and innovations, find the right partner, and make informed decisions about investment opportunities.


OpenDoor is a San Francisco-based real estate technology company offering virtual and streamlined real estate buying and selling founded in 2014 by Keith Rabois, Eric Wu, JD Ross and Ian Wong.

Oscar Health

An insurance technology company utilizing technology, design and data to humanize health care. and offer health insurance.


Postman is a San Francisco-based software company offering an API development environment.


A technology company that has developed solutions for making and receiving payments. It was founded in 2009 and is located in San Francisco, California.


Vacasa is a Portland, Oregon-based company founded in 2009.

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