“What if I build a product, spend $150,000 or so to develop it, only to find out that no one actually wants to buy it?”

Our product validation services help you get 10-100 pre-paying customers before you build your product.

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It doesn’t matter how good you think your product is. If the market does not want to pay for it, you’ve got a dead product.

Most product launches go something like this:

  1. A brilliant business idea comes to you late one night.
  2. You spend months (or years!) researching and crafting your product. And of course, you tell no one about your brainchild out of fear that someone will steal your golden idea.
  3. After a little bit of research, you guess at the perfect price for your product.
  4. You launch your product on sites like Product Hunt, Reddit, and Hacker News. Hopefully, you’ll get enough customers after begging for upvotes. Maybe you’ll even get lucky and find yourself featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, or Entrepreneur.
  5. With some money in the bank, you can invest in marketing. Perhaps you’ll have the privilege of investing in a quality agency.

Does this strategy work? For some entrepreneurs, it does. But let's face the facts:

  1. 72% of new products introduced in 2009 to 2014 failed to meet their revenue goals or failed entirely. [1]
  2. In 2010, the rate of product failure cost U.S. companies $260 billion. [2]
  3. Roughly 75% of venture capital-funded startups launched from 2004 to 2010 failed. [3]

So no, raising money from investors is not enough to have a successful business. Nor is it enough to build a product, launch it, and expect you picked a winning lotto ticket.

What if instead of building and launching your product first, you made money from day one?

Getting pre-sales revenue first means…

...you never have to wake up in the middle-of-the-night with the haunting question, “What if no one wants to buy my product after I launch it?”

...you feel confident knowing you’re building something customers will love.

...you avoid the risk of tying up all your resources on one product, only to have it flop.

Above all, it means you’ve found out that real people are absolutely thrilled about your product before your launch.

How does Growth Ramp get customers to buy from you before you’ve built your product?

We don’t start with an idea or product.

Like data-driven scientists, we start by putting the customer first and testing our hypotheses.

At Growth Ramp, we do product validation like this:

  1. Find out who is your most profitable customer you should target first through customer interviews.
  2. Learn about their hopes, fears, pains, and dreams by tapping into the customers’ psychology.
  3. Discover the primary problem these customers have.
  4. Determine how your product should solve that problem.
  5. Pinpoint how they’ve already tried to solve this problem so you avoid their mistakes.
  6. Evaluate how your product should be different and better than what’s on the market.
  7. Calculate how to price your product based on the customers’ willingness to pay.
  8. Create a pre-sales landing page to get customer feedback.
  9. Understand what objections and questions customers would like educated about.
  10. Open up the sales cart and get customers before you write a line of code.

So instead of taking a stab-in-the-dark, you’re building a lovable product from actual customers.

Work with Growth Ramp, a product marketing agency that knows early-stage SaaS growth strategy better than you do...

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Growth Ramp's product validation services start at $4,000/month.
Investing $8,000/month or more will get you $1,000/month in free services.

Who is product validation for?

It’s for founders looking to create a new product.

Typically you fit into one of two categories:

  1. You have a successful product (or two) and are looking to launch a new product. 
  2. You have 500 people on an email list. You build a product to serve them, but have no customers.

The goal of product validation is not to have a golden idea from the get-go. Nor is it to validate that your only idea needs to work.

Instead, the goal of product validation is to get customers before you build your product.

From there, you can then build a predictable and repeatable system using product marketing.

Please note: If you have an idea or product but no customers, you may need to scrap everything you’ve created so far. We’ll do our best to save what we can. But customer needs must come first.

Who is product validation NOT for?

If you do not have: 

  1. A customer list or email list,
  2. With at least 500 names and email addresses.

...Then right now you are not a good fit for our product validation services.

We would love to help every entrepreneur on their journey from idea to scale. However, we also know who receives the most value from our services.

Work with Growth Ramp because we know SaaS growth strategies better than you do...

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What am I going to get? What’s the end-deliverable?

Here are the typical deliverables you will receive:

This process takes 2-3 months.

Work with Growth Ramp because we know SaaS growth strategies better than you do...

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What is your product validation process look like?

Here's our process, from when you first reach out, to validating your product with paying customers.

1. Are You Fit to Be a Growth Ramp Client?

What you get: A clearer picture if Growth Ramp's services are for you and fit your needs.

If you do not have:

  1. A customer list or email list.
  2. With at least 500 names and email addresses.

...Then right now you are not a good fit for our product validation services.

If you want to find a scalable path to get your first 1,000 customers, check out our product marketing services.

In respect of your time, we ask you to fill out our application form to make sure you're a fit (should take 2-4 minutes). If you are a fit, someone at Growth Ramp will reach out to you to set up a call.

If you have the budget but are not a fit, we would be more than happy to refer you to someone we think may be a fit. This makes it a smaller commitment for you to fill out the form in the link above.

Our product marketing services start at an investment of $4,000/month. For projects at $8,000/month or more, you will receive $1,000/month in free services.

2. The Discovery Call.

What you get: A live demo how Growth Ramp's services work, how our services will help you grow faster, and potential results you can expect.

  1. In the first 10 minutes, you'll get an idea of the full potential value of our services.
  2. I will then use a prepared list of questions to learn where you are now and get a vision for where you want to be. This will take 20-30 minutes.
  3. From there, I will give you a live, 20-minute demo of our services. You will get a brief overview of how our services work and how we can help you on your journey from idea to scale.

‍At the end of the call, you can ask me any questions about our project. You will then decide if you would like to invest in Growth Ramp’s services.

3. The Growth Ramp Gap Analysis™

What you get: You will understand your positioning, customer needs, and product strategy.

You don’t want shoot-from-the-hip guesswork what your customers want. Instead, you need to:

  1. Find out (not guess) what problems your customers have.
  2. Get an in-depth analysis of what customers want you to do different (and better) than what the competition offers.

The Gap Analysis™ will give you:

  1. Customer Discovery + Buyer Persona Research: Interview notes and summary on who your customers are, what challenges they have, and what they desire for a new product.
  2. Copywriting + Buyer Psychology Research: A list of key psychology buying triggers.
  3. Competitor Intelligence: A list of your competitors, what they are doing well, and what you need to do to rise above the noise.
  4. Brand + Positioning Strategy: A list of opportunities to differentiate yourself from the competition, and we work together to decide how best to position your startup. Includes a positioning strategy call to discuss the pros and cons of each opportunity.

At the end of this phase, I will discuss what we’ve learned with you. We’ll work with you to decide what’s the best path forward for your product.

This process usually takes 3-4 weeks.

4. Preparing to Pre-Sell

What you get: Pre-sales landing page, pricing strategy, product strategy, and sales strategy.

With customer feedback in hand, we’ll create a landing page to get a second round of customer feedback. This allows us to double-check that the product you have in mind matches customer expectations. Further, it allows us to optimize your messaging without investing in your marketing budget.

This step will help you get your:

  1. Pre-Sales Landing Page: This will allow us to get feedback from customers how they feel about your upcoming product.
  2. Pricing Strategy: A price sensitivity analysis and pricing guidelines to help you establish your pricing strategy. Includes a pricing strategy call to discuss how best to price your product.
  3. Product Strategy: A list of core benefits, prioritized by each customer to guide your product roadmap.
  4. Sales Strategy: A list of objections customers have when buying and using your product.

This process usually takes 3-4 weeks.

5. Get Your First 10-100 Pre-paying Customers

‍What you get: Delighted customers who are eager to pay for your product.

The exciting moment of truth.

We open the door and open the cart for your customers. By offering an exclusive early-access bonus, we get new customers to pay on the promise you deliver. 

And if the opportunity is right, we will help you with a product launch. This includes getting you press features and mentions by doing press outreach.

‍This process usually takes 3-4 weeks.

Work with Growth Ramp because we know SaaS growth strategies better than you do...

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What happens after the project is complete?

Once product validation is complete, you can build your product with the confidence people want what you offer.

We’ll share our findings with you in a PDF report. We’ll then synthesize and discuss the results with you over Skype/phone. Any revenue you receive from pre-sales will already be in your bank account.

We can also help you get your first 1,000 customers with our product marketing services.

Work with Growth Ramp because we know SaaS growth strategies better than you do...

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[1] Sarkar, Christian. “‘Monetizing Innovation’ – An Interview with Simon-Kucher & Partners’ Madhavan Ramanujam.” Marketing Journal. Simon-Kucher & Partners, July 3, 2016. http://www.marketingjournal.org/monetizinginnovation/.

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