Your mind is playing tricks on you. We live in a world of information overload. Each month, over 70 million posts are created on WordPress.

Over 300 hours of video uploaded to Youtube, 347,222 tweets sent, 2,430,555 Instagram post likes, and 4,166,667 Facebook users like a post every minute. And that’s only a fraction of the content online.

So what can your brain do to keep up with all the information? It uses a few simple tricks to help you find what information is going to be useful. These tricks are called cognitive biases and is the basis of most marketing psychology.

It’s important to understand what’s going on in your customer’s brain so you can help them achieve their goals through your services. There are over 290 cognitive biases that have been discovered. Not all cognitive biases are relevant to business owners, but many are.

To help you process this information, here’s a list of cognitive biases to get you started.

List of Cognitive Biases

Anchoring Bias Availability Heuristic Bandwagon Effect Barnum Effect Confirmation Bias
Endowment Effect Extrinsic Rewards Framing Effect Halo Effect Hindsight Bias
Hyperbolic Discounting In-group Bias Mere Exposure Effect Egocentric Bias Misinformation Effect
Reverse Psychology Rosy Retrospection Selective Retention Subliminal Perception Survivorship Bias