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What if you could deliver a customer experience to never lose a SaaS customer again?

Get Growth Ramp's customer experience consulting services to increase word-of-mouth, retention, and get 1,000 customers in a year.

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We've made money for SaaS startups like...

What is the most important piece of growth? 

Did you guess getting new customers?

When you’re first starting, you need to prioritize customer acquisition. 

But if you want scale sustainably, there’s another part of the growth equation that’s just as critical as ramping up customer growth...

In 2013, Y-Combinator Paul Graham tweeted a graph of the fastest-growing startup they had funded. A few months later, the mystery startup Homejoy closed a whopping $38 million. Not bad for a Series A funding round.

Yet 18 months later, Homejoy shut down. 

Strange? Perhaps. 

But the death of hyper-growth startups that lack customer retention is not unique.

At its peak in 2013, Path was a social network with 50 million users. The startup raised roughly $70 million from top Silicon Valley investors like Kleiner Perkins, Redpoint, and First Round Capital. Google tried to buy Path for $100 million plus an earnout of $25 million to be paid over four years.

After struggling to find product-market fit, Path sold to Kakao two years later for an undisclosed amount.

Here’s another startup that died from not optimizing the customer experience:

At the start of 2012, BranchOut had 1 million monthly active users. Two months later, it had 5.5 million monthly active users. With a total of $49 million in funding in less than two years, the company was all but unstoppable. Or so everyone thought...

Unfortunately, 18 months later, BranchOut flamed out. After rocketship growth, BranchOut tapped out and sold for $5.4 million to 1-Page.

Sure, these are marketplace and social networking sites and not SaaS products. Regardless, the principle is the same...

Creating a customer acquisition plan without a customer experience strategy is a fast path to the startup graveyard.

Why acquisition without customer experience optimization is the silent killer of SaaS startups...

What happens when you have the right customer experience strategy in place? You’re able to...

  1. Generate more organic referrals from higher word-of-mouth.
  2. Lower customer churn and acquisition costs as your customers do your marketing for you.
  3. Increase defensibility against your competitors as switching costs become higher for your customers.

In short, a better customer experience strategy = more customer retention + word of mouth = more growth.

Are you prepared to handle endless customer complaints, social media nightmares, and customers leaving in droves?

If not, then you should strongly consider working with a product marketing agency like Growth Ramp to create your customer experience plan.

How will Growth Ramp develop a customer experience strategy to help you get 1,000 customers in a year?

At Growth Ramp, every strategy we build is a customer-centric approach to product-led growth.

To craft your customer experience roadmap, we begin by “getting outside the building” and talking to your customers.

By talking to your customers, Growth Ramp will get data-driven insights on your customer touch points to create your buyer journey map.

Depending on your product, we’ll ask your customers 20-25 questions to find out:

  1. Who you’re selling to now and who’s the target market that loves your product you should specifically sell to using our market segmentation services. Because if you have bad-fit customers, they'll churn.
  2. What your customer’s fears, dreams, and desires are. We’ll then use that data to increase sales with our copywriting and conversion optimization services. Because if you do not alleviate customer fears or set unrealistic expectations, they'll churn.
  3. How to improve retention and word-of-mouth. We’ll measure your product-market fit (PMF) score to get key insights about customer satisfaction. Afterward, we’ll show you how to improve your product roadmap to increase retention and word-of-mouth. Because if your product doesn’t meet your customer’s expectations, they'll churn.
  4. What’s increasing customer churn by locating friction points in the customer journey map. Because if your product is broken or incomplete, your customers will churn.
  5. What is the primary benefit your customers want to increase customer satisfaction and delight. Because if your product doesn’t continue to solve their main problem, they’ll buy your competitor’s product and churn.

All of these insights will be backed by data using our proprietary market research.

With this research, we’ll use our go-to-market services to create and execute on your growth strategy to get 1,000 customers in a year.

If that sounds valuable, you can apply to hire Growth Ramp today.

What sets Growth Ramp apart from other digital marketing agencies offering customer experience consulting?

After using our competitive intelligence services on other marketing agencies, we discovered three distinctions between us:

  1. Keeping your customers is fantastic, but growth will be slow if you don’t have an acquisition strategy. As an early-stage startup, scaling your growth only by improving the customer experience will be slow going. Most customer experience consulting companies only focus on that growth lever. As a product marketing agency, we use our go-to-market services that are designed to help you get and keep 1,000 customers in a year.
  2. Growth Ramp specializes in *early-stage* customer experience for SaaS startups. Customer experience optimization is easier when you have more customers because you have more data. Most CX agencies work with later-stage startups because they have more money. They also can A/B test their way to improve your conversion funnel. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for you because you can’t hit statistical significance anytime soon. To beat your better-funded competitors, we developed a unique copywriting methodology for early-stage startups. And because you’re smaller and faster, we know how to leverage the size of your competitors against them.
  3. Growth Ramp specializes in helping early-stage customer experience *for SaaS startups.* If a marketing agency understands the principles of customer success, the vertical rarely matters. But because we focus exclusively on SaaS, there are growth strategies we know that very few of our competitors do. For example, we can optimize your pricing strategy with data, not just guesswork.

If you’d like to learn more how Growth Ramp can help you get 1,000 customers in a year, apply to hire Growth Ramp today.

Ben Leavitt, CEO of Decibite, a web hosting startup based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Growth Ramp pushed us further in one month than a year on our own...”

Before we started with Growth Ramp, we had no idea who our target customer was. Marketing has been a frustrating process for us at Decibite.

Growth Ramp interviewed our customers, did market research, showed us where we were, and who we wanted to help. Growth Ramp then executed the strategy to capitalize and appeal to that market. This was a huge game-changer. They did everything that we were wanting to do and more. This was a huge weight off my shoulders and helped me avoid burnout.

Growth Ramp got us back on track and their efforts have pushed us further in one month than a year on our own.

Let Growth Ramp’s product marketing experts do the heavy lifting for you to get 1,000 customers in a year

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Want to learn how customer experience consulting fits into our product marketing process to get 1,000 customers in a year?

Here’s a 18 min. overview of our product marketing methodology 👇

Stop trying to deal with marketing by yourself! Work with Growth Ramp, an agency that knows early-stage marketing strategy better than you do...

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Customer experience tactics, techniques, and use cases to get 1,000 customers in a year

  • Customer experience plan to get 1,000 customers in a year.
  • Customer experience management to increase profitability.
  • Customer-centric business strategy.
  • Customer journey consulting.
  • CX journey mapping to pain points.
  • Customer experience transformation interviews.
  • Customer satisfaction metrics and benchmarks to get results faster.
  • Customer touch point journey maps.
  • Customer experience optimization.
  • Data-driven digital experiences.
  • Omnichannel digital strategy.
  • Compelling end-user experiences.
  • ROI-focused growth.

Ronit Epstein, ex-Director of Marketing at Yotpo, an eCommerce SaaS startup based in Israel

"One of the most SEO-optimized articles on our site…"

When it comes to getting more traffic, Jason is one of the first we turn to. One of his articles was one of the 7th most SEO-optimized posts for Yotpo after two months.

Can I give you some advice? Hire Growth Ramp before your competitor does.

Growth Ramp is a product marketing agency that seeks to make SaaS founders like you more money faster...

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More product marketing services we’ll use to help you get 1,000 paying customers in a year:

If you’re like most SaaS founders, you don’t want to pay a 6-month management fee for something that’s not working well. Because when traffic doesn’t come in as fast as you were expecting, you’ve lost time, money, and hope.

Instead, you want to partner with a marketing team who has the ability to get results quickly with SEO. An agency that has a strategy and plan that not only brings in traffic, but qualified leads, and sales. Learn more about our SEO services →

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Johnathan Dane, CEO and Founder of Klientboost

Over 20% increase of client leads worth $25,000+

Do you know when you're super excited to finally stay consistent with your blog? And then someone like Jason comes around, smacks you in the face, and tells you when you're shooting yourself in the foot?

I didn't believe Jason at first, but we saw an increase in over 20% of inbound client leads that have LTVs of $25,000 or more. If you're not promoting what you sweat to create, then you won't get as far as you can.

3 Month Results:

  • Inbound Leads: +20%, with LTVs of $25,000+
  • Social Traffic: +191%
  • Total Monthly Traffic: +88.9%

Are you feeling confident enough that our product marketing services will help you scale your growth faster?

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