Growth Ramp’s Mission, Vision, & Values

Our mission: To make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone.

Today, our focus is helping early-stage SaaS companies.

In the future, we will help every aspiring entrepreneur, from creators who want to earn a living online to the stay at home mom looking for an MLM alternative.

Our vision: To be the one-stop-shop to help you on your journey from idea to scale.

In time, this will include services, masterclasses, SaaS tools, books, articles, and community.

How do we help eliminate the business failure rate today? The Growth Ramp way comes by putting these sometimes contrarian thoughts into action:

  1. Be customer-first company by understanding the customer’s problem, not the solution. Being a customer-first company is more than a trendy buzzword. Think about the last product or service you bought. Chances are high you bought because you had a problem. Smart founders know that understanding their customers better than their competitors is key to winning their hearts and pocketbooks. They can do this before the customer realizes what they want themselves with proper market research. To understand your buyer’s psychology, all our services begin with customer conversations.
  2. Craft the right messaging and positioning strategy - Once you know who your customers are, you need the right messaging. Each customer interview gives us the insights necessary to craft an attractive message. What you want is a message that’s sure to grab the market’s attention and reel them in. This is especially valuable if you’re having a hard time differentiating your company from every competitor out there.
  3. Charge the best price with an optimized pricing strategy - Pricing is an art and science. But 9 times out of 10, founders and marketers guess a price and call it good. Which is not okay. How do you know your price is hitting that sweet spot that delivers the most revenue? Should you create a new pricing plan? Why aren’t more customers buying your product? The answers to those questions come from our pricing strategy services.
  4. Know where best to invest your time and money with a go-to-market strategy - Founders and the marketers they hire lose impact when they chase after every shiny marketing object. Instead they need to focus more on what's working and align the team's metrics towards the same goal. All this comes with our go-to-market services.
  5. Do things that don’t scale first. Bill Gates once said, “Automation applied to an efficient system efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” We enjoy doing the heavy lifting work that others don’t do to help companies scale sustainably and with speed.

Our values: What we prioritize for our clients by what we hire, fire, and reward

Love it or hate it, hide it or express it, every company has values.

These are the values we care about the most and both cultivate, hire, and fire for in our company:

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"When I found Growth Ramp, my team was skeptical, but I could tell they ‘get’ startups. For example, they were talking about pricing strategy and no one was talking about pricing. Growth Ramp gave us impartial insights on our customers, competitors, and market. They also got us 41 sales meetings with companies like Amazon, Old Navy, U.S. Gold Bureau, in four months."

Vikas Agrawal
CEO of SprigHub, a SaaS marketing intelligence platform.

Problems discovered:

  1. SprigHub wanted a concise statement about its value.
  2. Brand messaging wasn’t clear, causing prospects to devalue SprigHub.
  3. Messaging wasn’t clear about SprigHub’s support, leaving $2,000/mo in value on the table.

What Growth Ramp did:

Here’s what we did to get 41 sales meetings in four months:

  1. Dialed in brand messaging hierarchy, which increased customer willingness to pay 5x.
  2. Clarified support levels, increasing the value to prospects by $2,000/mo.
  3. Quantified the value of its features by testing value propositions and brand messaging.

"When it comes to getting more traffic, the team at Growth Ramp are one of the first we turn to. One of Growth Ramp’s articles was one of the 7th most SEO-optimized posts for Yotpo after two months. Can I give you some advice? Hire Growth Ramp before your competitor does."

Ronit Epstein
Director of Marketing at Yotpo, a SaaS eCommerce scale-up

Problems discovered:

Yotpo raised $22 million from VC investors and was under the gun to get results fast.

What Growth Ramp did:

Here’s how we created Yotpo’s 7th most SEO-optimized post.

  1. Mapped out Yotpo’s SEO keywords we wanted to target.
  2. Leveraged influencers to drive social traffic.
  3. Created relevant visual content to engage readers.
  4. Tapped into communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other B2B sites to drive targeted social traffic.

"I didn't believe the team at Growth Ramp at first, but we saw an increase in over 20% of inbound client leads that have LTVs of $25,000 or more. If you're not promoting what you sweat to create, then you won't get as far as you can."

Johnathan Dane
Founder of Klientboost

Problems discovered:

While Klientboost was getting okay results, they weren’t promoting their content.

What Growth Ramp did:

Here’s how we increased inbound leads by 20% (with LTVs of $25,000+) in three months.

  1. Leveraged influencers to drive social traffic. This led to links on several sites to grow SEO traffic, including Wikipedia.
  2. Created partnerships to land links on respected and high authority marketing blogs.‍
  3. Got targeted traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn, and other B2B sites.

"When I approached Growth Ramp, I was coming in cold, but they estimated I could make my 1st project back with a price increase campaign in two months, which I did. I don’t think enough founders are focusing on pricing to optimize their growth strategy. You may have a gut feeling about the right price of your product. But without pricing data, you’re likely leaving money on the table."

Brenden Mulligan
CEO of Podpage, a SaaS website builder. Founder of LaunchKit (bought by Google).

Problems discovered:

  1. Podpage wanted actionable research to know its market, product, & customers.
  2. Podpage guessed the price of their product & wanted a data-driven pricing strategy.
  3. Podpage lacked clarity why customers weren’t buying.

What Growth Ramp did:

Here’s how we helped Podpage increase their annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 28.5% without losing a customer:

  1. Surveyed Podpage's customers to get actionable insights to understand the market, product, & customers.
  2. Ran a price sensitivity analysis, showing Podpage was under pricing its product.
  3. Examined research & sales process to spot buyer bottlenecks.

"Before we started with Growth Ramp, we had no idea who our target customer was. Growth Ramp interviewed our customers, did market research, and showed us who we wanted to help and then executed the strategy which more than doubled our ARR (+127%) in 6 months."

Ben Leavitt
CEO of Decibite - a web hosting startup.

Problems discovered:

  1. Decibite was unclear who they were targeting & what messaging to use.
  2. Decibite struggled to differentiate its products from competitors.
  3. Decibite could not communicate its value in one bold and concise statement.

What Growth Ramp did:

Here’s what we did to double Decibite’s annual recurring revenue (+127%) after six months:

  1. Did market research, showing people were willing to pay double for their products.
  2. Created a unique sales proposition, guaranteeing 15% or faster web hosting.
  3. Created feature pages to show more of Decibite’s value to customers.

"Each article Growth Ramp worked on performed 200-300% better than our other articles, on average. This isn't by accident, it's by design. If you get the opportunity to work with Growth Ramp, take it. You'll be glad you did."

Adam Connell
Founder of Blogging Wizard

Problems discovered:

Blogging Wizard was getting good traffic, yet they wanted to spread their message.

What Growth Ramp did:

Here’s how we increased Blogging Wizard’s traffic by 200-300% compared to other articles on its site:

  1. Leveraged influencers to drive social traffic.
  2. Got targeted traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn, and other B2B sites.