What is Positioning?

"The basic approach of positioning is not to create something new and different, but to manipulate what's already up there in the mind, to retie the connections that already exist." Positioning, by Jack Trout and Al Ries.

Anywhere the eye can see, it’s likely to see an ad.

30 years ago, a market research firm estimated we see up to 2,000 ad messages a day. Today, that number is up to 5,000. To say we are bombarded with information is an understatement.

So how do you rise above the noise of our over-communicated society? You position your startup with a simply message. A positioning statement, if you will.

Positioning is the position your startup or product takes in the mind of your customer.

After you talk to your customers and find out who your true competitors are, you will want to conduct market research on the psychology of your customers and select how you will set yourself apart by positioning your startup.

A Common Formula Used to Create Your Positioning Statement Goes Like This:

I help [target audience] solve [pain] by [our solution]

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