Growth Strategy Audits: Growth Strategies From High-Growth Startups

Growth marketing (or “Growth Hacking”) is a framework for prioritizing growth ideas. The growth framework works like this:

  1. Choose a business growth goal. This could be, “Increase customer acquisition by 20% through organic traffic in the next 90 days.”
  2. Brainstorm a list of growth ideas.
  3. Score the growth ideas based on Impact, Confidence of success, and Ease of putting into action (also known as “ICE”).
  4. Take the average score for each growth idea.
  5. Organize the growth ideas by the highest ICE score.
  6. Assign tasks to your team.
  7. Create a hypothesis on the results you expect from the study.
  8. Put the experiment into action.
  9. Measure the results.
  10. Document your learnings. If the test is successful, figure out how to make it repeatable and scalable.

Coming up with growth ideas is easy if you live and breathe growth marketing. But it’s often difficult for startup founders to think of growth ideas.

The articles below are audits of the growth strategies used by different startups. Each article will help you come up with fresh ideas to grow your startup.

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